Cooking for Homeless People on Christmas

A tradition my great grandmother passed down to the family is cooking for homeless people on Christmas. Some years we just buy a dozen hot chocolates and hand them out. Other years we cook elaborate feasts, package them up, and spend a few hours downtown handing out plates to people who want them. Even the toughest of homeless people who’ve been living on the street for decades learn how to be polite on Christmas when you give them fresh home-cooking.

If you haven’t experienced the joy of cooking for people in need on Christmas then you should try it. It helps everyone, you most of all because the feeling you get after seeing dozens of smiles and hearing dozens of thanks is amazing, especially during the holidays. If you have plans with the family, you don’t have to do this exactly on Christmas day. We usually find time to do it after opening presents. It’s a tradition we enjoy just as much as sharing Christmas gifts and it’s an amazing part of the Christmas spirit for us.

This year, cooking for homeless people on Christmas will be even more fun because we’re cooking with all brand new and recently repaired appliances. We also just planted an apple tree in the backyard so we’re opening in upcoming years that we can hand out homemade apple pie to people. There are so many other great ideas out there to try this Christmas of 2020.

We hope you’re getting into the holiday cheer!