Appliance Repair Windsor (A.R.W.)

appliance repair winsor

As a previous restaurant owner in Windsor Ontario I wanted to talk today about Appliance Repair Winsor, the behind-the-scenes force of why my restaurant was able to function the way it did. I had purchased a used restaurant that came with all the food equipment inside already. I should have gotten all new appliances but I learned a good lesson.

I managed to keep the restaurant’s old clientele by preserving the old, popular menu, but the staff eventually left me and I was forced to change the menu a bit which caused a few hiccups in Windsor. I eventually gained new clientele with some strategic marketing in the neighborhood but this was just a minor problem solved. The real problem was inside the kitchen where my appliances kept breaking down.

My friend from the University of Windsor recently asked me what the best appliance fixing company is and I recommended A.R.W. because they were the team that kept my restaurant alive by offering discounted services for my loyalty to their services. A.R.W. offers the most incredible appliance repair Winsor offers all year round.

They call themselves A.R.W. because that’s all they do, appliance repair Windsor services. And they’re really good at it. So hopefully people now know the best company to call to get their fridge repaired, their dishwasher fixed, etc. They were there for me every single time my kitchen appliances broke down and arrived fast enough to fix it so fast customers in the restaurant didn’t even notice. They did this almost a dozen times and I always recommend them because of it. I hope they still offer commercial repairs because this was many years ago but I know for certain they still do residential because my friend was very impressed with their service.

You can call them at (226) 243-4244.

To read more about appliance repair, read this. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

The Art of Repairing Appliances

screw driver

This might sound cliche for many, because there’s an art to doing everything and anyone can ramble on and on about why what they do is art. But we wouldn’t decide to talk about this today if we didn’t think we had an interesting perspective.

First let’s talk about what is NOT the art of repairing appliances:

  1. It’s not choosing the right tools.
  2. It’s not being familiar with all brands and models.
  3. It’s not being experiences with a screw driver.
  4. It’s none of that!

It’s simple… The art of repairing appliances is doing your best. I told you it would sound cliche. But it’s true! Doing your best isn’t the art of playing baseball or the art of race car driving, but we do believe it’s a major key in the art of what we do because there’re so many appliance repair companies that only try to get the job done and by not doing their best they take all the art out of it. See what we mean now?

To say it again, the whole art of fixing a fridge comes from coming at it with a good attitude and doing your best to make sure that fridge runs properly again. So we hope you learned something today.

If you’re wondering why our blog loves to talk about appliances so much, click here to learn why. We also love to talk about food! More on that later. For now, have a great day!